Diploma in International Hospitality Management

Duration: 18 Months (Full Time)

Full residency: YES

Next Intake: January 2019

Entry Requirements: Minimum Gr 12 (PASSED)

The course consists of four main components. The course is management orientated and it covers all aspects of the
hospitality industry, providing the students with equal opportunity to decide which facet of hospitality is best suited to their needs in planning his future.

  • Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary arts
  • Diploma in Food and Beverage Operations and Services
  • Diploma in Accommodation Operations and Services
  • Diploma in Reception Operations and Services
  • Level 1 First aid course
  • Preliminary wine course

This course runs over 18 months, of which 12 months is theory based and completed on site. Students live in on site
for the duration of their theoretical studies, three meals per day are provided in this package.

Thereafter, students are relocated and guaranteed placement in any one of Legend Hospitality Group properties for compulsory 6-month practical work experience training. (Click Here to view Legend Hospitality School Training Properties)

Students receive hands-on training both in the lecture room and in the day to day operations of the lodges. With this
constant exposure a professional appearance and attitude becomes second nature.

All course work is completed in the first year of theoretical studies, allowing students to concentrate solely
on their thesis while on practical work experience training.

All course fee inclusions and exclusions are below.

Course Fee Inclusions

Included in fees:
  • All study material.
  • Full year’s ingredients for all practical classes
  • Registration &Examination costs to City & Guilds, including ingredients of practical Exams.
  • Compulsory Level 1 First aid course.
  • Preliminary wine course.
  • Uniform:
  • 2 x Full Chefs Uniforms
  • 2 x Full Formal Uniform
  • 2 x Casual Uniforms
  • Two-year membership fee to the South African Chef’s Association.
  • Internet access for student projects.
  • Compulsory Chef’s Knife Set.

 * Please note: there are various fee payment options in place, depending on the course package chosen!

Please Contact us & we will send you payment options & More Information

Excluded from fees:
  • Additional books and stationery as prescribed.
  • Transport – students MUST have own mode of transport- essential on property.
  • Pocket money essential.
  • Tuckshop– available to students on Lodge Premises.
  • All or any other sundry expense not included in fee but which will require student’s attendance – day trips/ function work outside normal students working environment.
  • Personal Computer or Laptop and printer – Even though there are computer facilities available for students it is compulsory, for students to have their own. This allows them to start building their own database knowledge backup for the future.
  • Laundry and cleaning amenities, for private laundry and dorm rooms. Laundry facilities are available on site.
  • LHS Prescribed safety shoes.

Subject Breakdown:

Food Preparation & Culinary Arts (8065-02)

Unit 105Prepare Food for Cold presentation
Unit 202Safety at Work
Unit 203Food Safety in Catering
Unit 206Healthier foods and Special Diets
Unit 207Prepare, Cook and finish Stocks, Soups and Sauces
Unit 208Prepare, Cook and finish fish and shellfish dishes
Unit 209Prepare, Cook and finish meat, poultry and offal dishes
Unit 210Prepare, Cook and finish vegetables, fruits and pulses
Unit 211Prepare, Cook and finish rice, grain, farinaceous products & egg dishes
Unit 212Prepare, Cook and finish bakery products
Unit 213Prepare, Cook and finish hot and cold desserts and puddings
Unit 219Catering Operations, costs and menu planning

Accommodation Operations & Services (8068-02)

Unit 202Safety at Work
Unit 206Customer Service Skills in Accommodation Services
Unit 207Accommodation Services
Unit 208Cleaning accommodation Areas
Unit 209Provide a Linen Service

Food & Beverage Operations & Services (8066-02)

Unit 202Safety at Work
Unit 203Food Safety in Catering
Unit 204Customer Service in the Hospitality and Catering Industry
Unit 207Menu Knowledge and Design
Unit 208Hot Beverage Product Knowledge
Unit 209Beverage Product Knowledge
Unit 210Food and Beverage Services
Unit 211Handling Cash Payments

Reception Operations & Services (8067-02)

Unit 202Safety at Work
Unit 204Customer Service Skills in the Hospitality & Catering Industry
Unit 206Book Accommodation for Guests
Unit 207Handling Cash & Guest Accounts
Unit 208Arrival and Departure Services
Unit 209Promote Products and Services
Unit 210Reception Office Skills