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City & Guilds Accommodation Operations & Services

Accommodation is a course where we learn you how to become a housekeeper and how to work your way up to become a supervisor and also an executive housekeeper. We learn you from how to make a bed how to clean a room and also the types of cleaning chemicals there is and also all the types of linen. We teach you how to store all types pf linen and what to do in specifically situations where you might be trapped in when working in accommodation. It one of the best subjects and also the most fun subject that we have because

Diploma in Accommodation Operations and Services

Safety ~ security ~ customer care ~ personal skills ~ accommodation and housekeeping services ~ design ~ décor and furnishings ~ control in the accommodation environment

Accommodation Operations & Services (8068-02)

  • Unit 202Safety at Work
  • Unit 206Customer Service Skills in Accommodation Services
  • Unit 207Accommodation Services
  • Unit 208Cleaning accommodation Areas
  • Unit 209Provide a Linen Service