Looking for a custom experience?


Looking for a custom experience?


By Legend Hospitality School and Academy 

The training provided in these part time workshops will be basic and include some theory, while most of the training will be hands-on practical. Each class will be concluded with a cooked meal. This course is ideal for everyone with a love of cooking from the ages of 16 to 60, who wish to up their skills with a help from a professional chef.


R 550*

Per Module


Bakery products 

Focaccia, soft butter buns/ bread, scones and Muffins

10 July 2021

Vegetarian Dishes

Prepare Vegetarian and Plant ProteinsAu gratin, Tempura & Presentation

24 July 2021

Pasta Dishes

Ravioli, Carbonara, Lasagne, Tagliatelle

7 August 2021

Creative Canapes

Preparation and Presentation of this types of hors d’oeuvres e.g., Vegetarian, Meaty, and Seafood

21 August 2021

Fish and Seafood

Preparation and Presentation of fish e.g., Salmon, Mussels and Prawns

4 September 2021


Preparation of Dishes and Presentation – e.g., Chicken Kiev

18 September 2021

Mastering Meat

Preparation of Dishes and Presentation e.g., Beef Wellington

2 October 2021

Hot and Cold Desserts

Chocolate Brownie, Strawberry
Cheese Cake and Tiramisu 

16 October 2021

Petit Fours

Preparation and Presentation of delicate Friandises various classified as Glacé (“glazed”), Salé (“salted”), Sec (“dry”) 

6 November 2021

Let’s Cook Together!


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