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Food Preparation & Culinary Arts

Food Preparation & Culinary Arts is where we learn you how to become that inner chef that you always wanted to be, weteach you theoretically and practically. We will learn you from A to Z how to become the best chef in the world and also how to bring out the best flavour’s in every dish. We teach you how to make the most basic dishes and also how to most difficult dish that there will be. We also learn you what types of herbs and spices goes with what type of food and also how to bring the flavours out. Here is what you will be taught theoretically in the class.

City & Guilds: Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary arts

Safety ~ hygiene ~ security ~ customer care ~ costing, budgeting, control ~ menu planning ~ dietetics ~ basic food preparation methods ~ garnishing techniques ~ cold and hot food preparation

Food Preparation & Culinary Arts (8065-02)

  • Unit 105Prepare Food for Cold presentation
  • Unit 202Safety at Work
  • Unit 203Food Safety in Catering
  • Unit 206Healthier foods and Special Diets
  • Unit 207Prepare, Cook and finish Stocks, Soups and Sauces
  • Unit 208Prepare, Cook and finish fish and shellfish dishes
  • Unit 209Prepare, Cook and finish meat, poultry and offal dishes
  • Unit 210Prepare, Cook and finish vegetables, fruits and pulses
  • Unit 211Prepare, Cook and finish rice, grain, farinaceous products & egg dishes
  • Unit 212Prepare, Cook and finish bakery products
  • Unit 213Prepare, Cook and finish hot and cold desserts and puddings
  • Unit 21   Catering Operations, costs and menu Planning