Customer Care Course

R 5 520.00

This course consists of 8 Modules. The course is aimed at Food & Beverage staff currently working in the Hospitality Industry.

Module Breakdown

  • Module 1 – Customer Service Excellence
    7789 – Provide customer service
    7710 – Deal with the arrival of customers
    7703 – Provide customers with information and book external service
  • Module 2 – Diversity and Service
    260178 – Relate diversity to customer service
  • Module 3 – Introduce South Africa to Tourists
    8480 – Introduce South Africa to tourists


10 Weeks Part Time with 1
additional day for the Exam

Entry Requirements

Minimum Gr 9 (PASSED)


LHSA-Certificate of completion

Delivery Method

Online, with a written examination.

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